I bring you bad news about Don't Panic Fest 2. 

Don't Panic Fest 2 is cancelled. 

Have you ever tried to make something only to find out waaaaay too late you were missing a lot of the ingredients? That's about the best analogy I can make for Don't Panic Fest 2 failing to happen this year.  

Last week Dag Nasty let us know they would not be able to make it out to Colorado for Don't Panic Fest. I worked to find a suitable replacement for them, but with 4-5 weeks before the festival it was just too late to find anyone. To top it off, the secret "???????" band from the initial festival announcement I made.... Well we were unable to come to an agreement to make their appearance happen and were unable to find a suitable replacement.

Without those two headliners, I could not in good conscience charge $30 for the remaining festival. Canceling the two-day passes depleted the festival's resources. This is a small festival that is done in the spirit of DIY and not-for-profit. So without the fundage of the two day passes, I found myself not able to pay the airfare to fly The Dopamines out from Ohio, and they had to cancel.  

I just don't have enough ingredients to make this cake work in the way that I wanted it to work. Rather than hobble on, DPF going to take this year off and re-group and try again for next year. 

I'm heartbroken, but this feels like it's for the best.

 The Hi-Dive has agreed to take over the Tim Barry show scheduled for Friday February 16th and it will no longer be associated with DPF. The Hi-Dive will have those tickets on sale at http://www.hi-dive.com in the next couple of days.

There may still be some punk rock shows at Mutiny and 3 Kings, but they will no longer be "Don't Panic Fest" shows. Please check their schedules for more information. 

I had lofty plans for this year and I'm embarrassed that I could not make these shows work. I deeply regret letting the city of Denver and the rest of Colorado down. Don't Panic Fest is a Not-For-Profit festival, meaning we're not doing this to make money, but rather to make great things happen in the city Denver. In the future I hope we keep working to bring great things to Denver. It's one of the best GOD DAMNED cities in the nation, and we're going to hopefully keep working to showcase that to the rest of the world (you know with a few national headlining band friends to help grab your attention)!

  If you had purchased tickets for DPF2, I've issued refunds through our ticker provider and Paypal. You should have those credits back in your account in the next few days. If not, let us know and we'll look into it.  Any questions, please message me at dontpanicfest@gmail.com.